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Soap Making
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About Candle and Soap Making
Craftbits.com - Soap Making Recipes
Cranberry Lane Soap Making Instructions
Glossary for the Morder Soap maker
Homemade Soap Recipes
Pine Meadows Soapmaking Recipes
Recipe Writer and Lye Calculator
Sabrina’s Soapmaker’s Resources Site
Soap and Candle Making Forum
Soap Making Business
The Soap Making Home Page
Soap Making Instructions
Soap Making Recipe
Soap Making Tutorial
Soap Teacher
Soaping Central
Suite101.com - Soapmaking
Traditional Soap Making

California SoapMakers Guild
Handcrafted Soap Makers Guild
Handmade Toiletries Network
Southeastern Association of Soapmakers
Texas Professional Soapmakers Association
Texas Soapmakers Association
Upper Midwest Soapmakers Guild
Bramble Berry
Coconut Coast Natural Products
Cranberry Lane
Florida Soy Solutions
Pine Meadows
Soap Crafters Co.
Soapplace at Life of the Party
Washbasin Wonders


Soap Kits 5oz - Medallions

Soap Kits 5oz - Medallions

Soap Kit Rich Plum Coconut Oil Medallions 5 oz: These all-in-one-kits include 5 ounces of premium quality hypoallergenic moisturizing glycerin or creamy coconut oil soap pre-colored for convenience. The package doubles as a heavy-duty plastic no-tip mold with two popular soap designs.

"Large Soap Mold 8"" x 9"""

"Lg Soap Mold 8 x9 Angel, Cherub, Bell, Dbl Bell: Make beautiful, bubbly, BIG soap creations with these large molds, and add color and scent to give them your own personal touch. Approximately 1/4'' deep. "

Soap Kits 5oz - Flowers & Leaves

Soap Kits 5oz - Flowers & Leaves

Soap Kit Butter Yellow Coconut Oil Flowers 5 oz: These all-in-one-kits include 5 ounces of premium quality hypoallergenic moisturizing glycerin or creamy coconut oil soap pre colored for convenience. The package doubles as a heavy-duty plastic no-tip mold with two popular soap designs.

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