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Pet Info - Dogs
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General | Bulldog | Boxer | Chihuahua | Cocker Spaniel | Collie | Corgi | Dachsund | English Springer Spaniel | German Shepherd | Golden Retriever | Great Dane | Greyhound Irish Setter | Poodle | Pug | Rat Terrier | Shih Tzu

Amer. Dog Trainers Network
American Kennel Club
Dog Owners Guide
Dog Humor
Happy K-9 Dog Care NetVet - Dog Links
PetPlanet.com - Dogs
Virtual Dog Show
akc.org - Boxer
Boxer Rescue of L.A.
Dog Owners’ Guide - Boxer
LoveYourDog.com - Boxer
akc.org - Bulldog
Brenglora English Buldogs
Dog Owners’ Guide - Bulldog

akc.org - Chihuahua Breed Standard
Dog Breed Info - Chihuahua
Dog Owners’ Guide - Chihuahua
Cocker Spaniel
akc.org - Cocker Spaniel Breed
American Cocker Spaniel Info
American Spanial Club Inc.
Cocker Spaniel Information Pages
Dog Breed Info - Cocker Spaniel
Dog Owners’ Guide - Cocker Spaniel
English Cocker Spaniel Info
LoveYourDog.com - Cocker
My Cocker Spaniel

Dog Breed Info - Collie
Dog Owners’ Guide - Collie
LoveYourDog.com - Collie
Dog Breed Info - Corgis
Dog Owners’ Guide - Welsh Corgi
akc.org - Dachsund Breed Standard
LoveYourDog.com - Dachsund
German Shepherd
Dog Owners’ Guide - German Shepherd
LoveYourDog.com - German Shepherd
Golden Retriever
Dog Owners’ Guide - Golden Retriever
LoveYourDog.com - Golden Retriever
Great Dane
All About Great Danes
akg.org - Great Dane
Dog Owners’ Guide - Great Dane
Great Dane Club of America
Great Dane Foundation
Great Danes Online
akg.org - Greyhound
Dog Owners’ Guide - Greyhound
Irish Setter
akg.org - Irish Setter
The Comprehensive Irish Setter
Irish Setter Dog Breed Guide
Setter Web Ring

akg.org - Poodle
Dog Breed Info - Poodles
LoveYourDog.com - Poodle
Poodle Dog and Admiration
akg.org - Pug
Dog Breed Info - Pug
Dog Owners’ Guide - Pug
Pug Dog Club of America
Pug Dog Club of Greater New York
Pug Dog Club - UK
The Pug Dog Home Page
Pugman Pug Dogs
Rocky Mountain Pug Dog Club
Yankee Pug Dog Club
Rat Terrier
American Rat Terrier Rescue
Dog Breed Info - Rat Terrier
Rat Terrier Club of America
Shih Tzu
akg.org - Shih Tzu
Dog Breed Info - Shih-Tzu
US Shih Tzu Rescue
Springer Spaniel
akg.org - English Springer Spaniel
Springer Spaniel.com


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