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Newfoundland Government
Things To Do in Newfoundland
Schools - Newfoundland & Labrador Active Sports in Newfoundland
Sports in Newfoundland
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A. Garrigus Collegiate
A.P. Low Primary
A.R. Scammell Academy
Acreman Elementary
All Hallows Elementary
Amalgamated Academy
Amos Comenius Memorial
Anthony Paddon Elementary
Ascension Collegiate
Avoca Collegiate
Baie Verte High
Baie Verte Middle
Baie Verte Primary
Balbo Elementary School
Basque Memorial
Bayview Heights
Beaconsfield High School
Belanger Memorial School
Bishop Field Elem
Bishop O'Neill Collegiate
Bishop White School
Bishops College
Bishop's Falls Academy
Bonne Bay Academy
Booth Memorial Regional High
Botwood Collegiate
Botwood Memorial Academy
Brian Peckford Elementary
Brinton Memorial Elementary
Brother Rice Regional High
Buchans Public School
C.C. Loughlin Elementary
Cabot Academy
Cape John Collegiate
Carbonear Collegiate
Carmanville School Complex
Catalina Elementary School
Centre Scolaire Ste. Anne
Centreville Academy
Charlottetown Elementary
Christ the King All Grade
Clarenville High
Clarenville Middle School
Clarenville Primary School
Coley's Point Primary
Cottrell's Cove Academy
Cow Head School Complex
Cowan Heights Elementary
Davis Elementary
Deckwood Elementary
Deer Lake Elementary
Discovery Collegiate
Donald C. Jamieson Academy
Dorset Collegiate
Dunne Academy
Dunne Primary
École de Saint-Jean
École Saint Gerard
Elwood Primary
Elwood Regional High
Epiphany Elementary
Eric G. Lambert School
Eugene Vaters Academy
Eugene Vaters Collegiate
Exploits Valley High
Fatima Academy
Fitzgerald Academy
Fogo Island Central Academy
Frank Roberts Intermediate
Fred Kirby Intermediate
G.C. Rowe Junior High
Gander Academy
Gander Colegiate
Gill Memorial Academy
Glovertown School Complex
Gonzaga Regional High
Goose High School
Grand Falls Academy Primary
Grandy's River Collegiate
Greenwood Academy
Greenwood Academy
Grenfell Intermediate School
H.G. Fillier Academy
H.L. Strong Academy
Hampden Academy
Harbour Deep Integrated
Harbour Grace Primary
Harriot Curtis Collegiate
Helen Tulk Elementary
Henry Gordon Academy
Herdman Collegiate
Heritage Academy
Hillside Elementary
Hillview Academy
Holland's Memorial High
Holy Cross All Grade
Holy Cross All Grade
Holy Cross Elementary
Holy Cross School Complex
Holy Family Elementary
Holy Heart of Mary Regional High
Holy Name of Mary Academy
Holy Redeemer Elementary
Holy Spirit High
Holy Trinity Elementary
Holy Trinity High
Holy Trinity High
Holy Trinity High
Howley Elementary
Humber Elementary
I.J. Samson Junior High
Immaculate Conception
Immaculate Conception Primary
Indian River High
Indian River Middle
Indian River Primary
J.J. Curling Elementary
J.M. Olds Collegiate
Jakeman All Grade
James Cook Memorial
Jane Collins Academy
Jens Haven Memorial
MSB Regional Academy
John Watkins Academy
King Academy
L.P. Purchase Academy
L.R. Ash Elementary
L.S. Eddy Complex
La Rochelle Academy
Labrador City Collegiate
Lake Academy
Lakecrest Independent School
Lakewood Academy
Laval High School
Leading Tickles LeGallais Memorial All Grade
Leo Burke Academy
Lester Pearson Memorial High
Lewisporte Collegiate
Lewisporte Middle
Lewisporte Academy
Long Island Academy
Lumsden School Complex
M.W. Jeans Academy
MacDonald Drive Elementary
MacDonald Drive Junior High
MacPherson Junior High

Mary Queen of Peace Elementary
Mary Simms All Grade
Marystown Central High
Matthew Elementary
Menihek High School
Millcrest Academy
Mobile Regional High
Morris Academy
Mount Pearl Junior High
Mount Pearl Senior High
Mountain Feild Academy
Mountain View Collegiate
Musgravetown Regional High School
New World Island High
Newfoundland School For the Deaf
Newtown Elementary
Newville Elementary
Norman's Cove Elementary
Northshore Elementary
NorthShore Collegiate
Nukum Mani Shan
O'Donel High School
Our Lady of Lourdes Elementary
Our Lady of the Cape School
Our Lady Queen of Peace
Our Saviour King Academy
Paradise Elementary
Pasadena Academy
Pasadena Elementary
Pearce Regional High School
Peenamin McKenzie
Perlwin Elementary
Persalvic Elementary
Pistolet Bay School
Point Leamington Academy
Pollard's Point Elementary
Prince of Wales Collegiate
Queen Elizabeth Regional High
R.K. Gardner School
Ralph Harnum Memorial School
Random Island Academy
Ricketts Elementary
Ridgewood Junior High
Riverwood Academy
Robert's Arm Academy
Rocky Harbour Elementary
Roncalli Central High
Roncalli Central High School
Roncalli School
Sacred Heart All Grade
Sacred Heart Elementary
Sacred Heart Elementary
Sacred Heart School
Sandstone Academy
Seventh-Day Adventist Academy
Sop's Arm School
Southwest Arm Academy
Sprucewood Academy
St. Agnes' Elementary
St. Andrew's Elementary
St. Anne's
St. Anne's Academy
St. Anne's Elementary
St. Anne's School
St. Anthony Elementary
St. Augustine's Elementary
St. Bernard's All Grade
St. Bernard's Primary
St. Boniface All Grade School
St. Catherine's Academy
St. Edward's
St. Edward's Elementary
St. Francis Elementary
St. Francis
St. Francis of Assisi
St. Gabriel's All Grade
St. George's Elementary
St. George's High
St. Gerard's School
St. James All Grade School
St. James Elementary
St. James Junior High
St. James Regional High
St. John Bosco School
St. John Central High
St. Joseph's All Grade
St. Joseph's All Grade
St. Joseph's Intermediate
St. Joseph's Elementary
St. Joseph's School
St. Kevin's Elementary
St. Kevin's High
St. Lawrence Central High
St. Lawrence Elementary
St. Lewis Academy
St. Mark's Elementary
St. Mark's School
St. Mary's All Grade
St. Mary's Elementary
St. Matthew's School
St. Michael's High
St. Michael's School
St. Michael's School
St. Patrick's Elementary
St. Patrick's Junior High
St. Paul's Elementary
St. Paul's Elementary
St. Paul's School
St. Peter's Academy
St. Peter's Academy
St. Peter's All Grade
St. Peter's Elementary
St. Peter's Junior High
St. Peter's Primary
St. Pius X Elementary
St. Pius X Junior High
St. Simon-St. Jude Academy
St. Stephen's All Grade
St. Theresa's Elementary
St. Thomas Aquinas School
St. Thomas of Villanova
Sts. Fisher & More
Stephenville Elementary
Stephenville High
Straits Elementary
Summerford Middle School
Summerford Primary
Swift Current Academy
Templeton Collegiate
Topsail Elementary
Tricon Elementary
Twillingate Elementary
Upper Gullies Elementary
Valmont Academy
Vanier Elementary
Victoria All Grade
Whitbourne Elementary
Whitbourne High
William Gillett Academy
William Mercer Academy
William's Harbour Integrated
Woodland Elementary
Woodland Junior High
Xavier Junior High

Colleges & Universities
Memorial Univ of Newfoundland

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